Open Out Arts

Leonardo da Vinci Programme

Le Fourneau, National Street Arts Center

Brest - France

At present Le Fourneau, which is located in the port of Brest is one of the 9 National Street Art Centers in France. Its 2 main missions are to support and extend artistic creation to public areas.

Resident companies underline the permanent aspect of artistic creation and develop close links with the local inhabitants and communities in Brittany. It is based on 3 main activities:


Since 2008, Le Fourneau has been actively involved in a network called ZEPA which groups together 9 French and English partners. The Interreg IVa France-England programme within the framework of the European Commission supports this network.

More recently (2011) Le Fourneau has also joined another European network: « Open Out Arts » with 4 different partners located in England, Ireland and the Netherlands. It is supported by the Leonardo da Vinci European programme.

Le Fourneau will relocate to the «Plateau des Capucins» in the future (probably 2016). This will provide a totally new international dimension to all future artistic projects. The city of Brest is rapidly becoming a real European reference for all Street Art performers and organizations.

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