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Close Act Theatre

Tilbug - Netherlands

Close-Act Theatre Company was founded in 1991. Originates from collaboration between designers, actors, dancers, choreographers and musicians. Although new acts are being developed from different artistic disciplines, the style of the visual creations is still one of the unique trademarks of Close-Act.

The artistic directors of Close-Act are Hesther Melief and Tonny Aerts.

Interactive theatre

This theatre searches for space.
It's moving through the streets, squares and the air above.
This theatre is called:
Street theatre

Close Act is renown with interactive street theatre. Their unique form of theatre is performed in between and above the public. "Let us impel you, draw you and carry you into the world we create".

What does it mean; interactive theatre? It's most comparable to reality whereby the most important thing is the emotional rush you get.

In these performances you can feel all kinds of emotions, like love, seduction, fear or compassion, it's the ultimate way to intensify your perception of the performance. The story, how unreal it may seem, becomes reality. You are part of it just like all others around you.

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