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Leonardo da Vinci Programme

Bui Bolg

Wexford - Ireland

Bui Bolg is a street arts and spectacle company, based in Wexford town in the South East of Ireland since 1994. Established by a group of young fine arts graduates from 'Limerick School of Art and Design', Bui Bolg was set up with the main aim of creating art in public spaces. Bui Bolg works across art forms; producing installations, street performances and parades. They aim to transform and re-imagine public and private spaces in unconventional ways.

Bui Bolg specialise in creating inflatable artworks for street installations and parades. They have trained and partnered with inflatable artist Keith Payne in this area. Keith has created inflatables for the Rolling Stones, U2 and Pink Floyd to name but a few and Bui Bolg are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Keith; the Giant of Inflatables. Bui Bolg also lead the way in animatronic technology in Ireland; combining traditional puppetry and electronics and creating a new direction for Giant street puppetry. These puppets perform at many events around Ireland and the World and most recently appeared in Beijing at the 'International Festival of Tourism and Culture'.

All of Bui Bolg's work is underpinned by a strong social ethos. This is demonstrated in the weekly youth programme which they run for teenagers from Wexford town and county. Bui Bolg deliver a training programme in street arts, circus and puppetry, completely free of charge. Through this programme Bui Bolg have trained hundreds of young people over the years. One of their young members has said of this experience; 'Being in the Bui Bolg Youth Group makes me feel needed, inspired and as if I could go on to be an Artist.'

Bui Bolg are thrilled to be involved in this exciting new partnership between France, the UK and the Netherlands and are very appreciative of all the events taking place through the programme.

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